Building emotional health and resilience

We are psychologists based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney who empower children and adults to improve their emotional health, deal with challenges and make other positive changes in their life. We are available for in-person appointments or telehealth sessions.


The building blocks


A trusting and collaborative relationship between psychologist and client encourages clients to develop confidence, change their ways of coping, and develop their strengths


We treat all clients with kindness and respect. We show understanding, care, and a strong desire to simply help.


We only adopt therapeutic approaches based on the best available research evidence.


Our psychologists recognise that every client has unique needs, and all of our treatment plans are personalised to meet these needs.

Whole Person

We recognise that assessing the whole-person is important, including the range of psychological, biological, social, environmental and physical factors that can impact a person’s health and wellbeing. We collaborate with other health disciplines to treat complex mental health issues where appropriate.


Our clinic celebrates diversity in all forms - cultural, religious, spiritual, sexual and gender - within our client community and clinical team

How can we help you

From a conveniently-located clinic in Edgecliff, we treat children, teenagers, parents and adults in these areas:


Are you regularly avoiding everyday things due to fear and worry? On high alert for danger? Feeling overwhelmed by activities or situations?


Are you persistently sad? Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Unable to enjoy things in your everyday life? Feeling hopeless about the future?

Emotional regulation and anger issues

Are you emotionally overwhelmed? Regretting things said or done? Unable to keep your emotions in check? Reacting uncontrollably to situations?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Are you struggling with thoughts popping into your mind that don’t make a lot of sense? Do you feel compelled to do things again? Engage in rituals to cope?

Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Are you troubled by vivid flashbacks or memories of a trauma? Having nightmares? Continuously reminded of trauma by things in the environment? Angry? On edge? Constantly on the lookout for bad things to happen?

Guiding children, young people and their families

At McKinnon Psychology, we have a special interest in working with children and teenagers. Some of our psychologists are also trained in established programs such as the Circle of Security Treatment Program as well as the Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Program. Our director Anna has authored articles, workshops, and book chapters in this area.

Choosing a psychologist

Finding a psychologist who specialises in the conditions relevant to your situation is the first step in choosing the right psychologist for you.

Every psychologist has a unique approach. Understanding the experiences of our staff will help you decide whether there is a clinician whose experience and approach fits well with your expectations, preferences and personality.

Our Story

Inspired by both local and international experiences, McKinnon Psychology brings together highly skilled and passionate psychologists who are committed to excellence in the psychological assessment and treatment of anxiety and traumatic-stress disorders.

Our psychologists are driven, and always aim to make a difference to the lives of their clients.

All clients receive the highest standard of care at McKinnon Psychology.

Our approach

Our mission is to help you fulfil your potential.

We are supportive, compassionate and change-oriented clinical psychologists.

We work closely with you to understand your history and what makes you think, feel and act the way you do.

Our psychologists guide you to develop strategies that strengthen your emotional health. We’ll work on these during sessions and ask you to put these into practice between sessions.

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Answering your questions

Even after choosing a psychologist, many people still have questions. We’ve answered some commonly asked questions for:

Ready to take a step forward?

If you’d like to make an appointment or ask a question, please get in touch.