Andrada Iordachescu

I am a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years of clinical experience. I completed comprehensive training at university institutions within Europe as well as the requirements for general registration as a psychologist within Australia.

In the Beginning

I am an avid learner with a deep curiosity about the world around me.

From an early age, I became interested in learning and connecting with people from different cultures, leading to a lifelong passion for languages.

Through these experiences, I started to wonder why people react in such different ways to their struggles, and ways I could help.

Andrada Iordacheschu Psychologist

A Diverse Career Supporting Vulnerable People Across Cultures

I have experience supporting clients in a number of settings including medical practices, The MindSpot Clinic, universities, charities, hospitals and private psychology practices.

In addition to seeing clients at McKinnon Psychology, I also currently treat clients at MQ Health General Practice and the Healthy Weight Clinic at Macquarie University Hospital.

My love of learning has led me to study a wide range of evidence-based therapeutic frameworks, meaning I am across both established and emerging evidence-based therapies.

Across these settings, I have supported clients at risk and from diverse cultural backgrounds, combining my knowledge of therapy and appreciation of different cultures to help clients express their needs and emotions, and make changes in their lives.

I am also passionate about contributing to the academic community and the development of aspiring psychologists. I have authored publications and been a member of the teaching staff involved in coordinating counselling courses at the University of South Australia where I remain affiliated. In addition, I am working with medical students within Macquarie University to help them learn motivational interviewing skills so they can best support their future patients.

My Approach

I am an open, patient and caring therapist who takes a holistic approach in helping you identify and achieve your goals by choosing a course of action to match your needs.

Supporting French, Italian and Romanian speakers

I am fluent in English, Romanian (native) French, and Italian. If you would prefer to express yourself in one of these languages during therapy, I can help.

My Therapeutic Frameworks

I incorporate the following frameworks into my therapy:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Schema Therapy
Compassion Focused Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Motivational Interviewing

My Areas of Interest

My special interests involve working with people who made or were impacted by significant changes in their lives, changes, and difficult events that may have led to a sense of disconnection from one’s emotions or body. I am also interested in supporting people who struggle with their weight loss journey, achieving a healthy weight, and the challenges that often come with it (low confidence, low motivation to change habits, and, at times, a new diagnosis, such as diabetes), as well as supporting older adults struggling with depression or anxiety about the new changes in their life. Using elements of Schema Therapy, I support clients to rediscover and reconnect with their emotions and body, achieving a unified sense of self.

I have a particular interest in treating the following conditions:
Anxiety Disorders
Depressive Disorders
Adjustment / Lifestyle changes
Weight loss issues
Trauma-related stressors

Psychologist Older adults

In My Spare Time

 I unwind by listening to music, reading, enjoying the Arts and playing sports. I also love animals and appreciate spending time in nature.

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