Anxiety Psychologist

If you have an issue with anxiety, you’re not alone. One in four Australians will experience an anxiety disorder at some point during their lives.

Anxiety can be exhausting, distressing and frustrating.

If you have anxiety, we can help you manage your thoughts and symptoms, and start building a better life.

An area of specialty

Our clinic has a special interest in assisting individuals to overcome anxiety disorders, and some of our psychologists have researched and presented extensively on this topic.

The types of anxiety disorders we treat include:
• Generalised Anxiety and worry
• Health Anxiety
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
• Panic/Agoraphobia
• Perfectionism
• Social Anxiety
• Separation Anxiety
• Trichotillomania.


Recognising and treating anxiety

It’s normal to feel anxiety and fear, and these normal emotions are experienced to differing degrees by all people when faced with a threat or danger. When anxiety becomes a problem, it’s like an alarm system that keeps being triggered by things that are not true emergencies. These false alarms mean you feel strong symptoms in response to neutral, safe situations, such as when you’re talking with friends.

Anxiety symptoms are classified as a disorder when they’re experienced more intensely and more often, and the symptoms stop you from doing things you enjoy and getting the most out of life.

If you have anxiety, treatment can make a difference to your life.

Red flags for Anxiety

• Always thinking the worst

• Asking repetitive questions

• Avoiding certain people, places or situations

• Becoming sick right before an event or test or performance

• Being slow to complete activities

• Being on high alert for danger

• Blushing, shaking or mumbling answers in social situations

• Experiencing distress following changes in routine

• Not wanting to be left alone

• Refusing activities and reluctance to try new activities

• Skipping obligations like work, school, or university.

The Cool Kids Program is a widely regarded CBT program that teaches children and teenagers and their parents how to improve management of anxiety. Some of our psychologists are accredited to deliver the Cool Kids Anxiety Treatment Program.

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Your questions answered

Many people who come to our clinic have never seen a psychologist before, and don’t know what to expect. We’ve answered some of commonly asked questions to help you feel more at ease:

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