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At McKinnon Psychology, our psychologists treat a variety of issues. However, we specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders and responses of trauma.

Excellence in the treatment of anxiety and trauma

Prior to opening McKinnon Psychology, Clinic Director Anna worked as a clinical psychologist at leading anxiety and trauma treatment clinics at the University of Cambridge (UK) and within Australian universities.

She trained in gold standard methods for the assessment and treatment of anxiety and traumatic stress disorders. She had wonderful, patient mentors who cared a lot about delivering high-quality care to all clients. Anna loved seeing how quickly anxiety lost its ‘power’ when individuals learned ways to change their fearful thoughts, build their confidence to face fearful situations and learn how to cope better.


A gap in high quality treatment for anxiety and trauma

When Anna started seeing clients in Sydney, all too often she heard stories from clients and friends about their difficulties finding a psychologist that delivered psychological treatments of anxiety and trauma according to gold-standard best practice.

On hearing of this gap, she was inspired to open a psychology space committed to excellence in the psychological assessment and treatment for anxiety and traumatic-stress disorders in the Eastern Suburbs.

This focus means McKinnon Psychology remains committed to maintaining a place where clients will always receive the very highest standards of care.

The Clinic

In the beginning, Anna worked out of premises in Double Bay. With a growing number of referrals, she has moved to bigger rooms just 750 metres away in Edgecliff. Andrada and Victoria have also recently joined the team.

Today, the clinic is a warm and inviting space, a place where clients can relax.


Dedication and understanding – always

At McKinnon Psychology, our psychologists are committed to understanding the nature of their client’s issues at the deepest level and making a difference to their clients lives.

They are empathetic, compassionate and will make every effort to connect with you.

All psychologists at McKinnon Psychology have postgraduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology and are registered with Medicare and AHPRA.

Areas of Specialisation

At McKinnon Psychology, our psychologists treat a variety of issues. However, we specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders and responses to trauma. Learn more about the unique skill sets of our psychologists below.


Dr Anna McKinnon

Registered Clinical Psychologist & Clinic Director

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Andrada Iordachescu

Registered Psychologist

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Victoria Basile

Clinical Psychology Registrar

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