Rebecca Cook

I am passionate about creating a safe and friendly environment for our clients at McKinnon Psychology. While studying psychology, I also continue to develop valuable skills in project and operational management.

In the Beginning

I have always been insatiably curious about the world and the people that make it, a trait that has shaped both my personal and professional life. Raised on the outskirts of Sydney surrounded by wide-open spaces and a close-knit environment, I developed a deep appreciation for nature and community.

Throughout my undergraduate studies in English Literature and Sociology, my interest in human behaviour and societal dynamics continued to grow. This has driven my travels and career across diverse sectors throughout New York, London and now Sydney.


My Career

I am fuelled by a profound interest in human behaviour, a passion for making things better and cultivating supportive and collaborative environments.

I’ve worked within publishing, human rights and nonprofit organisations, where I have led cross-functional project teams, provided administrative support and managed engagement and wellbeing programs. My work has taken me around the world, allowing me to travel and immerse myself in diverse cultures and gain invaluable insights from varied perspectives.

My Role at the Clinic

As Operations Manager, I am dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients feel welcome, supported and at ease from their very first interaction with us. My role encompasses managing our daily operations to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for both our clients and staff with the aim to foster a positive environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

I love chatting with our clients in the waiting room, especially when it comes to sharing stories about pets or swapping TV show or  book recommendations. My goal is to make our clinic not only a place for psychological support, but a community where everyone feels connected.

In My Spare Time

Outside of the clinic I work in project management, study psychology, enjoy an above-average amount of brunches, am a proud cat owner and always thinking about my next travel destination.

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