Su-Ann Leong

As a budding Psychologist and former Interior Architect, I am passionate about creating a warm and welcoming environment for our clients. It my pleasure to ensure that each child, adolescent, and adult feels safe, valued, and comfortable in our care.

In the Beginning

I have always been drawn to the human experience. Throughout the last decade, it has been the focus of my thoughts, conversations, and the content I consume.

After working as an Interior Architect and many years of trial, error, and introspection, it was profound to finally identify an intrinsic desire to pursue a career in psychology.


My Career

Since I returned to university, my drive to learn has been unwavering. I recently completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) with first-class honours at the University of New South Wales.

Outside the classroom, I volunteered as a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter and worked as an Office Manager at multiple psychology practices. These positions provided valuable exposure to the mental health industry and like-minded professionals.

My Role at the Clinic

At McKinnon Psychology, I provide administrative support to our clients and their psychologists. I aim to ensure that things run smoothly outside sessions so every client can make the most of their time during sessions.

By fostering a culture of thoughtfulness, warmth, sensitivity, and confidentiality, I hope that every child, adolescent, and adult feels comfortable in our care.

In My Spare Time

When I am not working or studying, I love to create things with my hands. From crochet to furniture and pottery, I am always looking for a fun new project to dive into.

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